Iron Maiden and Marvel Collaborate on an Exclusive Merch Collection

Iron Maiden and Marvel have collaborated on a new line of unique products based on iconic Marvel characters.

With designs that pay homage to characters like Wolverine, Venom, Thanos, and Deadpool, this partnership knits the realms of both businesses together. Fear of the Dark, Killers, and “The Trooper” will all feature the characters in different forms of the band’s album and song artwork. Eddie, Iron Maiden’s mascot, will also appear in the artwork.

Iron Maiden’s web store, specialty retailer Hot Topic, and German e-tailer EMP all sell the collection. T-shirts and a Deadpool-themed sweater are among the items available.

Senjutsu, Iron Maiden’s most recent album, was released in September. The band recorded the album with longtime producer Kevin Shirley at Guillaume Tell Studios in Paris in 2019. The album is the metal band’s 17th studio album and their first since The Book of Souls in 2015.

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