Mick Jagger Appears in a Video with his brother Chris for the Soulful Track “Anyone Seen My Heart”

In the new video for the track “Anyone Seen My Heart,” Chris Jagger gets some help from his older brother Mick.

“Anyone Seen My Heart” is a catchy ballad that combines soul, pop, and ska elements. The new video, which was directed by Oska Zak, begins with a clip of the Jagger brothers working on a track together, with Chris singing lead and Mick providing background.

On September 10th, Jagger released his new album, Mixing Up the Medicine, which includes the song “Anyone Seen My Heart.” The song was inspired in part by the obscure 19th-century poet Thomas Beddoes, as were numerous others on the album.

Along with the release of Mixing Up the Medicine, Jagger also released his new memoir, “Talking to Myself,” earlier this month.

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