The Linda Lindas’ Latest Single, “Nino,” Pays Tribute to a Friendly, Ferocious Cat

The Linda Lindas are back with a new track titled “Nino,” which pays tribute to a really good cat. The song is scheduled to be included on the Linda Lindas’ second studio album, due out in 2022.

The song is a two-minute ripper with a nice psychedelic breakdown in the middle.

After Salazar paid tribute to her other cat, a Siamese named Monica, on the Linda Lindas’ self-titled EP in 2020, “Nino” helped to balance the scales and put things right in her home.

While the Linda Lindas have been around for a while — they even opened for Bikini Kill in 2019 — a video of them playing their song “Racist, Sexist Boy” went viral in May. Soon after, the band signed a record deal with Epitaph.

The Linda Lindas have produced a couple of one-off songs since releasing their self-titled EP last year, including “Oh!” — which debuted in July and was included on the Netflix show The Chair — and “Moxie,” which debuted in March and was written for the Amy Poehler-directed film of the same name.

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