According to the producer, Jon Hopkins’ new album has been exactly timed to last the exact length of a ketamine trip.

Hopkins, who has also worked with Brian Eno and Coldplay on albums, will release an ambient track on November 12 that he hopes will inspire “a new genre of music.”

His upcoming album is titled ‘Music for Psychedelic Therapy,’ and it’s inspired by recent psychedelic research that suggests ketamine could help people with mental diseases like sadness and anxiety.

Breakthrough research have pushed the drug into the spotlight in recent years, resulting in the development of treatment centers all over the world, including one that just opened in Bristol that offers ‘ketamine therapy.’

Hopkins is one of the proponents of this new research, which focuses on music in particular. ‘Music for Psychedelic Therapy’ will endure the same amount of time as a ketamine trip, but with psychedelic images in the track videos and artwork.

Earlier this month, the producer performed the new record live in front of a crowd of 200 people in Austin, Texas, as part of a “ceremonial concert.”

Hundreds of fans came in a candlelit warehouse to witness Hopkins’ latest album, laying across yoga mats in a meditative state, despite the fact that psychedelics were not permitted at the live event.

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